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About The Artist

Dhyan Passika was born 1981 Bangalore, Karnataka.
He belongs to the generation of contemporary that emerged in the wake of the influence of senior & contemporary artistes of the yesteryears.

He has studied Indian traditional sculpture& completed his graduation in contemporary sculpture where he absorbed the acute attention associated with traditional Indian forms and photography.

Subsequently he refined his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus on the points of intersection between architecture, sculpture & spatial analysis. Experimenting with the various dimensions of his creativity Dhyan Passika did glass interior work for some years .

He then moved to Bhopal and worked in Bharat Bhawan for a couple of years using ceramic medium to make beautiful sculptures.

His life was touched when he started reading Osho and attended some meditation camps. Meditation provided the right soil for the art in him to come to its full flowering. He came back to Bangalore and started commercial work as a visual merchandiser with companies like TITAN , Shopper’s Stop, Big Bazaar , Central Mall , Total Mall & Future Group for 8 years. He also did interior work for hotels like NANDOZ, SHITAKI& MAMMA MEXICAN.

Then came the call of the mountains and Dhyan Passika left all commercial work and came back to his full time artiste life and now lives in the upper ranges of Dharamasala in Himachal Pradesh where he created this series of Buddha paintings with meditation..